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One solution for all Negative Energy problems

Do you want to ban negative energy and stress from your life? First, remove negative energy from your home. Here are 10 ways you can do just that.Our home is an extension of ourselves - for better or worse.

Smash your whole home with sage

A popular Indian technique for removing bad energy is lighting sage and then blowing off the flame. Smoke from the burning sage cleans the air and removes impurities - both literally and metaphorically. You must always start at the front door and work around the rooms with the clock. After smudging the entire home, visualize your intentions for your home as the smoke fills every blast.


Protect your room with crystals

Different crystals have different energies, and certain crystals are perfect for deterring negative energy.Black Tourmaline is known to ward off and dissolve negative energy, while Rose Quartz replaces negative feelings and feelings with positive.Try to put these crystals next to electronic devices to balance the energy balance. Make sure to clean your crystals from time to time by the energy they collect.

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